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SafeNet Announces the Industry’s First and Only Complete Software Licensing and Entitlement Management Solution Delivered from the Cloud for the Cloud

Sentinel Cloud Services brings Company’s more than 25 years of experience in software licensing and management to the cloud, offering software publishers a complete solution for monetizing SaaS applications

March 01, 2011

SafeNet, a global leader in information security, announcesthe general release of Sentinel Cloud Services, the industry’s first and only software licensing and entitlement management solution delivered as a service for cloud services. Sentinel Cloud Services make it quick and easy for SaaS and PaaS vendors to build and manage their service offerings, ensure service agreement compliance, and simplify all of the operational processes associated with cloud service contract provisioning, authorization management, and usage tracking. 

“SafeNet Sentinel Cloud Services provides a viable alternative to traditional billing and payments services because of a catalog-driven licensing and entitlement management solution that integrates with back office ERP, accounting and installed base billing solutions, either in the Cloud or on premises,” said Mike West, VP and Distinguished Analyst, Saugatuck Technology. 

At the highest level, many software vendors setting up shop in the cloud rely on a staggered two-tiered approach to success -- phase one: offer a single offering and sign-up as many subscribers as possible; phase two: diversify the service catalog, introduce new pricing models, and start charging existing customers a premium for new features and services. Success in phase one and the ability to easily transition to phase two is critically dependent on four competencies: 

  • Flexibility – the ability to package and re-package service offerings and pricing models quickly and without having to involve R&D;. 
  • Control – the ability to control what aspects of a service a specific end user can access, view (without access), trial, or be up-sold; 
  • Automation – the ability to integrate all back office systems to create a clean, automated process for receiving orders, provisioning service agreements, license and entitlement management, and ongoing customer management; 
  • Measurement – the ability to track and report on service usage at the feature level to fuel billing and subscription management services while also gaining valuable insight into how a service is being used. 

“It takes more than a clever application to make it in the cloud,” said Chris Holland, VP Software Rights Management, SafeNet. “Cloud service providers need the ability to control how their services are consumed based on end-user entitlements and they need to be able to do so with minimal R&D involvement and without interrupting the customer on-boarding, fulfillment, and billing processes.”

Built on SafeNet’s more than 25 years of experience in the software licensing and management industry,  but architected from the ground up to support all of the unique requirements of cloud service delivery, Sentinel Cloud Services provides software companies with everything they need to achieve maximum profitability in the cloud. Only with Sentinel can software companies successfully package, deliver, and manage cloud-delivered services – providing unified solutions across desktops, mobile devices, embedded systems and any network connected application. 

Join SafeNet, Saugatuck Technology, Dell Boomi, ZDNet’s Phil Wainwright, and others at LicensingLive! “Monetizing Software in the Cloud” and hear first time how SaaS vendors and transitioning on-premise software vendors alike are tackling software monetization in the cloud. The series of day-long events provide a blend of industry case studies and hands on interaction with Sentinel Cloud Services. View a full agenda or register now to attend an event in a city near you at Dates currently scheduled in Boston, Santa Clara, London, and Tel Aviv. 

For more information or to get started today with a free trial of Sentinel Cloud Services visit now! 

SafeNet Sentinel Software Monetization Solutions

SafeNet leverages more than 25 years of experience in delivering innovative and reliable software licensing and entitlement management solutions to software and technology vendors worldwide.  Easy to integrate and use, innovative, and feature-focused, the company’s family of Sentinel® solutions are designed to meet the unique license enablement, enforcement, and management requirements of any organization, regardless of size, technical requirements, or organizational structure.

Only with SafeNet are clients able to address all of their anti-piracy, IP protection, license enablement, and license management challenges while increasing overall profitability, improving internal operations, maintaining competitive positioning, and enhancing relationships with their customers and end users.

With a proven history of adapting to new requirements and introducing new technologies to address evolving market conditions, SafeNet’s more than 15,000 customers around the globe know that by choosing Sentinel, they choose the freedom to evolve how they do business today, tomorrow, and beyond. Visit to learn more.


Über SafeNet

SafeNet, 1983 gegründet, ist einer der größten Anbieter der Welt im Bereich Informationssicherheit und sorgt zuverlässig für den Schutz sensibler Daten von führenden Unternehmen weltweit. Mit seinem datenorientierten Ansatz schützt SafeNet die wertvollsten Informationen über den gesamten Lebenszyklus hinweg - vom Datencenter bis zur Cloud. Mehr als 25.000 Kunden in Unternehmen und Regierungsbehörden vertrauen auf SafeNet beim Schutz und der Kontrolle des Zugangs zu sensiblen Daten, beim Risikomanagement, bei der Einhaltung gesetzlicher Vorschriften sowie bei der Sicherung von virtuellen und Cloud-Umgebungen. Folgen Sie SafeNet auf Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, und Google +.


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